About Us: Accufab Machine

John Heidt is sole Owner/Operator.  Accufab Machine was started as Arc Industries 40 years ago, by John Heidt, with a small portable unit made out of a milk van. When we grew big enough, we thought it was time to become a limited company. Sadly we were not allowed to keep the old name, and have grown into the company we are today – Accufab Machine Ltd..


I started an apprenticeship growing up in Alberta, learning how to MacGyver our equipment together on the family farm, and learning how to weld from my uncle at the age of 13.  I worked as a agricultural mechanic, marine mechanic, compressor mechanic, and even a commercial diver in the icy rivers and lakes of Alberta.  I finished my machinist apprenticeship at one of Victoria’s oldest jobbing shops, United Engineering; they worked on anything that came in the door.
My old shop foreman is now a part time helper.


From there I worked for a logging company in Rivers Inlet, repairing equipment with parts, sometimes off old derelicts left in the bush, reshaped into what we needed.
All these experiences helped me think outside the box and I usually make our products without drawings as I visualize things in 3D before making them.
My favourite wife Sharon, is the company book keeper, and sometime rolls her sleeves up to give me a hand in the shop or even out in the field.

I keep getting asked when I’m going to retire? Well, like what I do, I can still do what ever it takes, and so, when it isn’t fun anymore, I’ll keep you posted.


I would like to thank all my past customers for their continuing patronage, some of which I have had a positive relationship with for over 40 years.



– John Heidt –



Some products we’ve designed and made

Air drier for shop air systems, kicker steering system, core sample heli-baskets, boat-fuel and water tanks in aluminum and stainless, stainless bow rollers and anchors, aluminum gates, dock ramps and stairs, telescope parts, mounts, camera adapters, and beach access stairs and landings.

  • In Custom
    Beach Access Stairs
  • In Imaging
    Canvas Tools
  • In
    E-Bike Delivery Unit
  • In Custom
    Patio Fireplace Table
  • In Aerospace
    Pod Lifter
  • In Custom
    Popup Camper