Our Services

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We offer a full welding machine shop with portable welding in MIG and TIG processes for steel, stainless, and aluminum. We also have a wood shop, should wood be the right material for the job.

Welding Equipment:  TIG, MIG, stick and gas welders with 11 kVA generator Oxy/Acet.

Cutting Equipment:  Gas, plasma both in shop and portable with cutting capacity up to 1.250″/ 3cm,  cold cut saw, panel saw for both wood and aluminium.

Lift Equipment: 3ton flat deck crane truck with 5000lb knuckle crane.

We have specialized equipment such as digital microscopes up to 400x, bore inspection cameras, high sensitivity ultrasonic leak detector.

All of the above – with the exception of the wood shop –  is also available for portable jobs.

Over the years we have done dozens and dozens of stainless steel exhaust systems from small-craft wet exhaust systems, to large fish boats and ferries. On wet exhaust we make the injector elbows, water locks, right to the exit thru hull.
Custom made bow rollers – self launching if need be. Pulpits, stanchions, radar arches and dinghy davits are what we have done for over 40 years. Over the years we have done complete  boat restorations as projects.

We have made the aluminum lifting beams to fly 27,000 lb, 15′ x 65′ building under a Russian Liftair Mil26 helicopter as part of gold mining operation setup. Heaviest lift under a helicopter in Canadian history!  We also provided large lift baskets to fly fuel, food, tools, explosives, and boxes to fly core samples to companies in Alaska. We repair and supply new equipment to Vancouver Island Helicopters, which have found there way to Taiwan and Peru. We have made aluminum shipping boxes and specialized lifting carts to install and remove specialty equipment under a fighter jet for Jacobs Consultancy Canada. Performed repair of specialized military equipment preventing replacement at a cost of over a million dollars.

Our shop has 24/7 video surveillance so delicate projects are secure.


From making aluminum and stainless equipment, to repairing or rebuilding parts no longer made, for row boats, private luxury yachts, and ferries to aerospace lifting equipment; we specialize in finding solutions to everyday problems.